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Outlet Shopping Mall in Switzerland

Alpenrhein Village - Outlet Shopping - Landquart Graub?nden
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Lucky me... a stranger told me yesterday about this outlet mall at a shop in Altstadt while I was fighting against my desire wanting to buy a CHF 500 worth jacket.

What a surprise! They are open 360 days incl. Sundays! So... I visited there today.

Location is extremely convenient and easy access from Zurich and shops had good pricing.
I cannot compare this place to the high-end outlet malls in Italy, but this outlet mall can be attractive for those who like sports & swiss fashion standard.
It's sort of nice concept that you can stroll around in the "Swiss Alpen style" mall surrounded by gorgeous mountains...stopping by there before/after you enjoyed ski/hiking.

I've been to several outlet shops in Switzerland, but not yet FoxTown in Ticino.
They have high-end brands as they are much closer to Italy...But the range of stocks will depend on the season... mh... when will be the best time to go???

Anyway, enjoy your shopping in Switzerland :)

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